( 5/17/19 ) Floating Roxy and Blake in cuffs.

( 5/10/19 ) Billie shows Pearl her favorite vibrator, and part two of Sunshine and Lillian's vacbed experience.

( 5/3/19 ) Blake demonstrates her dominatrix skills and Anna asked to be spanked.

( 4/26/19 ) Uh-oh, Mandy Marx took over this week. Also a cute newbie in some mean cage bondage

( 4/19/19 ) Real-life long-distance friends Mura and Pearl B in two hot isolation scenes.

( 4/12/19 ) Two fitgirls and a crazy suspension this week.

( 4/5/19 ) McKayla attempts a daring straitjacket escape and Kat has more anger at the mercy of the repeat cycle timer vibrator.

( 3/29/19 ) Cute people in bright colors are racked, on tilting tables, and lord knows what else.

( 3/22/19 ) New C4S diva suspended and vibrated.

( 3/15/19 ) Two cute non-kinky girls in insane bondage.

( 3/8/19 ) Solo, in a cage, vibrator restrained in place.

( 3/1/19 ) Eveybody on the update actually works here now.

( 2/22/19 ) Shiny hogtied hotties!

( 2/15/19 ) Vacuum cubes and vacuum beds, latex all around!

( 2/8/19 ) Mandy Marx, Denial Girl, Kat Turner, and a really hot blonde newbie.

( 2/1/19 ) Double stocks and Anya's back for a real restraint contract in the ERC.

( 1/25/19 ) Newbies, fitgirls, historically good dominatrices, pipsqueaks, and Kat!

( 1/18/19 ) Do you guys even know what Cady Karter is doing these days?

( 1/11/19 ) College hotties all over the place. In the air, on the ground...

( 1/4/19 ) Mura is frickin' plastered to the bed. I shouldn't say "plastered" since we have other sites that do that literally. Firmly affixed!

( 12/28/18 ) Is that really her, restrained and vibrated??

( 12/21/18 ) Vacbed pranks and more of the amazing Bunny.

( 12/14/18 ) Strangers become mutual fans, with the help of a lot of straps.

(12/7/18 ) Meanies tickling their friends, and contract bondage.

( 11/30/18 ) Enough femdom talent to take over a small industrialized nation, this week.

( 11/23/18 ) An old school simulataneous double-scene.

( 11/16/18 ) Love it when a denial scene really clicks here.

(11/9/18 ) Historically good scene. Cycle timer? What's that?

( 11/2/18 ) Could these girls GET ANY HOTTER?!

( 10/26/18 ) Intense mummy timeouts and a cute little suspension.

( 10/19/18 ) Kat Turner, young expanding diva, does a kick-ass topping scene for us.

(10/12/18 ) Another vacbed week. You don't want to miss these girls.

( 10/5/18 ) Our office help, in a solo cage vibrator scene.

( 9/28/18 ) A revolution in bed-strap bondage. What will we come up with next? We're working on a few things, actually.

( 9/21/18 ) Hotties here, hotties on CP, a standout session on TaTY, and even new pantyhose ART on our foray into Etsy. Spend some time with us this week. :)

(9/14/18 ) Mimi is almost inappropriately cute, and Pearl is still smoking hot after an hour in a hog-cuff.

( 9/7/18 ) Institutional restraints and hardbodies.

( 8/31/18 ) When a denial scene is in full effect here, it is a sight to see.

( 8/24/18 ) A special appearance from a world-class diva and her pet.

(8/17/18 ) You'll want to see who's back, this week. :)


( 8/3/18 ) Casey takes no prisoners, when she role plays a prisoner.

( 7/28/18 ) What is Bunny up to this time, good lord...

( 7/20/18 ) A themed week that fans of latex suction will never forget. :)

( 7/18/18 ) The tech issue with our photo page has been resolved. We appreciate your patience.

( 7/13/18 ) Mandy Marx deigns to visit us. Also, three ticklish newbies.

( 7/06/18 ) Standout scenes again, both sites!!!!

( 6/29/18 ) Excellent newbies!!! Both sites!

( 6/22/18 ) Cute hippie newbie turns into a total fetish object. Gigi is already one.

( 6/15/18 ) Big news! See preview section.

( 6/08/18 ) Straitjackets galore!

( 6/01/18 ) What new massive piece of institutional furniture did we just add to our collection? And who is stuck in it all day long?

( 5/25/18 ) Anna finds her voice, and Ophelia hates life.

( 5/18/18 ) Your next diva?

( 5/11/18 ) Left standing by the neck, straitjacketed, vibrator-harnessed. She used to be cute, now she's just hot.

( 5/4/18 ) Meet the model who officially just changed her name to Denial Girl. :)

( 4/27/18 ) Hottest QC update of the year???

( 4/20/18 ) An absolute smoking hottie in a shiny medium catsuit, and the scene that made Ophelia melt into the ground.

( 4/13/18 ) Ophelia gets what she's wanted for over two years. Newbie Delirious doesn't get what she wants.

( 4/6/18 ) Floating, beautiful suspension for Ryan. An effective straitjacket for newbie Lyra.

( 3/30/18 ) CHAIR WEEK is back, and better than ever!!

( 3/23/18 ) Gigi is the perfect sub. Also, Natalia & Helix create some mischief.

( 3/16/18 ) A denial predicatment, and wood bondage. Do you respect wood?

( 3/9/18 ) A badass mistress, and a bondage device tested.

( 3/2/18 ) Bondage efficiency with Ariel, the world's craziest position to nap with Sunshine!

( 2/23/18 ) This newbie, you've got to see for yourself. Also, Poppy's back yay!

( 2/16/18 ) Riley is back and the whole floor is swinging. Eeee. Also a vacbed trio for the ages.

( 2/10/18 ) Get to know Sunshine while she gets intermittently buzzed. Also, world famous diva Mandy Marx... gets you coffee.

( 2/3/18 ) Badass new bondage furniture tested by Anya, our fetish good-luck charm. And welcome Eave.

( 1/27/18 ) All restraint chairs, all the time, it's CHAIR WEEK on QC!!!

( 1/20/18 ) A fetish veteran new to QC, and some seriously hot bondage tickling.

( 1/13/18 ) A newbie wants to go all-out, and Mimi tries on a posey SJ.

( 1/6/18 ) Latex divas, and Anya gets caged.

( 12/30/17 ) Ophelia's most innocent referral gets the spinning Mean Girls treatment.

( 12/23/17 ) Jaw dropping vacbed hijinx, and an SJ escape gone awry.

( 12/16/17 ) Sunshine, a newbie. Rowan, as if she were new.

( 12/9/17 ) Vanilla girl turned super-rigged up fetish object. Also, Ophelia does something fun.

( 12/2/17 ) Another hot, toned newbie, and the cutest suspension ever!

( 11/25/17 ) Sapphi in that crazy gag thing. Helix and Evelyn in a crazy tickle tryst.

( 11/18/17 ) Which fitgirl kinkstress will put your desires in a bunch, this week?

( 11/11/17 ) An all-time favorite and very good friend of QC returns in triumph, if not for her.

( 11/4/17 ) Is that a Morgan sighting?!!

( 10/28/17 ) Barbie gets the two-girl treatment, and not just any two girls. Roxy tries her best.

( 10/21/17 ) Gigi and Hope! One's pink and ravaged, the other blue and stuck.

( 10/14/17 ) An unintentional battle bewtween juicy, bright-eyed diva types on here and Conversation Piece.

( 10/7/17 ) Newbie Ariel and favorite Poppy.

( 9/30/17 ) Two hotties who haven't visited in awhile. We coaxed 'em back in. :)

( 9/23/17 ) See the newbie that finally took the name... Barbie.

( 9/16/17 ) Natalia gets a real session, Ophelia gets our full attention.

( 9/9/17 ) Roxy gets tickled by Helix, and Sapphi looks sexy in leather.

( 9/2/17 ) A special appearance by Nurse Ratched this week!

( 8/26/17 ) Gigi is in a box! Mandy is screwed down! Football season hasn't even started, but we're in mid-season form.

( 8/19/17 ) Two high-end scenes this week.

( 8/12/17 ) Sapphi's all stretched out, and Anya's all wrapped up.

( 8/5/17 ) Hardcore segufix and a really cute candid cage discovery scene.

( 7/29/17 ) An unforgettable newbie, and a classic hardcore tickle trio.

( 7/22/17 ) A thoughtful newbie tries her first bondage ever and tries it with tickling. Plus favorite Amethyst.

( 7/15/17 ) Okay, this week I admit it, the girls are hotter than the bondage. Just a minor setback, we'll get 'em next week. :)

( 7/8/17 ) Here and on www.conversationpiece.cc, two absolutely outstanding tickle scenes.

( 7/1/17 ) Some hot tease and denial with Katya, plus an SJ'd newbie. Come on in; you know you want to.

( 6/24/17 ) Putting the qulaity control in quality control since two-thousand-and-something. Nice week, check the previews.

( 6/17/17 ) It's a Morgan week! You know what that means. :)

( 6/10/17 ) A cute goth newbie is just devastated by Helix.

( 6/3/17 ) You'd think Ophelia would have run out of gullible friends?

( 5/27/17 ) Particularly charismatic week, just go see!

( 5/20/17 ) Leatherstrap overdrive with Nova, and another newbie, another win for the Bondage Closet.

(5/13/17) Cambria contracted in bondage forever, while Gigi's ordeal only feels like forever.

( 5/6/17 ) Aly tests the reinforced nature of our reinforced bondage closet. Also, our newbie's name is Ferrari, and let's just say the name fits.

(4/29/17) A self-bondage scene you have to see to believe. And a saran wrap scene too ridiculous to believe.

(4/22/17) Aly's first vibrator scene, Morgan's first binge-tv-watching-in-bondage scene.

(4/15/17) Inappropriate cousin vibrator bondage interaction, and that's the tame half of the update...

(4/8/17) Newbie Cambria is wayyyyy sexier than the font she's named after. Katya gets what she needs. :/.

(4/1/17) Morgan outdoes herself even for Morgan, and Amethyst the hot valley girl tries isolation.

(3/25/17) Who knows what lurks behind that straitjacket, the SHADOW knows... also Buffy McNewberton and Ophelia McSomething.

(3/18/17) Insane sleepover sheathes and a nice cozy blindfolded vibrator scene.

(3/11/17) Nova gets overwhelmed in a huge video scene and Ophelia just swings around. :/.

(3/4/17) Aly comes fully over to the fetish ways of the force. Also Carlin meets Helix mwahaha.

(2/25/17) Every scene featuring this girl is a gem; every position inspired. Everything she touches turns to bondage gold; call it the Morgan Touch.

(2/18/17) New empress of the world Helix rocks and closets Anastasia, while Rowan goes beast mode on our latest SJ!

(2/11/17) A truly memorable scene with one of our most sensual models. Watch her get even better.

(2/4/17) Ophelia's life is oooo ever so harddd... tough to be a pretty girl in this straitjacket world...

(1/28/17) One newbie. One hour. One hundred straps. Sounds like a Saturday...

(1/21/17) Femdom Academy's special edition swinging super orgasm, omg, inside!

(1/14/17) Nova is back, and we are so excited to see her, and we're so excited to see her she gets a special punishment.

(1/7/17) One of our best comes in for the treatment. and she gets it.

( 12/31/16 ) Kingsley knows: It's about control. Who has it? Who wants it? And Katya just gives it up...

(12/17/16) Hotties in speedo suits playing vacuum games.

(12/10/16) The Restraint Chair snags another hapless hottie in its evil bondage-y clutches...

(12/6/16) Sneak peek at a very rigid, very determined dancer girl? Rowan is mesmerizing on our sister site this week...

(12/3/16) Forced foot fetish seems tame compared to what we insist on doing to Katya.

(11/26/16) It's not your enemies you need to look out for...

(11/19/16) Every joint immobile, every weakness exposed...

(11/12/16) A cadre of blonde bombshells. They each agree to something a little outside their wheelhouse...

(11/5/16) A neat little orgasm package, wrapped tight and sealed shut.

(10/29/16) Helix only feels normal when she feels out of control.

(10/22) Come inside and meet our thoroughly tickled newbie!

(10/15) A bajillion straps and nowhere to go...

(10/8) The return of the R-Chair...

(10/1/16) Fetishy girl undergoes full transformation into fetish object. Do NOT miss this update.

(9/24/16) Asked Marisol to help ruffle some feathers; she heard "leathers" and got all geared up...

(9/17/16) Guess who's back? Hint: An all-star with a fiery personality that can only be tamped by chains, gags, and time...

(9/10/16) Can't seem to get a peaceful moment, around here...

(9/3/16) What a good sister, coming to spend time with her crazypants sibling at the crazypants facility!

(8/27/16) Merciless young ladies with no manners and evil power tools, inside!!!

(8/20/16) Hypnotic swaying orgasm suspension. You haven't seen anything quite like Rowan's scene...

(8/14/16) Also, an absolutely un-missable double-suspended chair test over on our sister site WOW.

(8/13/16) Zipped down fast and hard. No mercy. No escape. ...Awesome.

(8/6/16) Tasty newbie straitjacket action

(7/30/16) Today, Carlin and Julia practice boy punishments.

(7/23/16) Sleepaway camp for young women at risk...

(7/16/16) An obsession-worthy beauty in her first scene EVER, plus hitachi games for shy blondie...

(7/9/16) After working exclusively with male clients for the past 6 months, Christina forgets that female models are delicate flowers and shouldn't be treated so ... roughly...

(7/2/16) Double hottie darlexx action oh my dayyyyyyyum... better come see...

(6/25/16) Kennedy suspended, Ophelia straitjacketed, both in our update. :)

(6/18/16) Morgan strapped down, for her own good....

(6/11/16) Rian swears she's ready, and the new girl tries a straitjacket challenge.

(6/4/16) Callie's puttin' on a clinic in how to absolutely not give one care how much her subject whineeeess....

(5/28/16) ....Lonely lonely lonely lonely BOREDDDDD.... -- ophelia. All day. All night.

(5/21/16) Pardon my french, but what the Frank Fratcherman did we do to Helix!?

(5/14/16) A suspended blonde and a ground-bound redhead... come in and enjoy.

(5/7/16) Toys for everyone this week, from wands to vibrating seats...

(4/30/16) Julia outdoes herself yet again.

(4/23/16) A dream sequence-like scene with lonely vacbed Morgan.

(4/16/16) Taboo sister fun and a princess in chains...

(4/9/16) Tick-tock goes the clock as our tiny escapologist searches for an answer...

(4/2/16) Fresh-faced blondie finds herself so covered in leather it's hard to tell where the girls stops and the bondage begins. Or ends.

(3/26/16) Mary spends a contracted day in the floorcell.

(3/19/16) Your very own BDSM barbie doll. Poseable, bendable, restrain-able.

(3/12/16) Such a little girl, sooooooo much bondage... inside.

(3/5/16) What is it about being ass-up, face-down that makes every model react the exact... same.. way?

(2/27/16) Ophelia is floating very high, while our latest escapologist Georgia escaped everything Conversationpiece had to offer. How does she fare here? Previews!

(2/20/16) Ok, um, this is an exceptional suspension. Meanshile, Carlin is giving out free videos! Preview page, ho!

(2/13/16) Carlin cures scoliosis with zip-ties, and Blue inspires an homage to Mumman. Once more to the previews, dear friends, once more!

(2/6/16) Anastasia is perfect in the role of troublemaker I wonder why. Toki is perfect in the role of getting Sybian-ed.

(1/29/16) The RESTRAINT CHAIR is featured in a classic. Meanwhile, is Blair actually Houdini in a sexy disguise? No.

(1/23/16) We dust off the vac-bed and the bondagette's squeal for joy! Except for Natasha, segg'ed in the basement, poor girl. Check those previews to see the cutest bondagettes this side of the Missouri...

(1/16/16) Newbie Nikki fits into the snuggest, squeeziest outfit we own. Meanwhile, Kay and Segufix spend some... Quality... time together.

(1/9/16) I had to describe Blair as a caged bird somewhere, I can't help myself, and I'm doing it here. Meanwhile, Ophelia forces her way into our restraint chair.

(1/2/16) The things Molly does with/to her real-life friends. Also, another cage-gasm! Also Happy New Year.

(12/26) Kay's first scene is an intelligent bondage lover's feast. Morgan's first scene we're just releasing now, way out of order. :)

(12/19) This week, Domenika and Mary are both so hot that we don't even need to add any bondage. And yet, we do. Check Those Previews, Bondage People!

(12/12) Shy newbie Kennedy is put through our famous S.L.A.V.E. routine right away (Stretched, Left And Vibrated... uh... Extensively...), while Anastasia is treated to a stay at the maximum security institution and it's probably wrong how hot I find that. Enjoy and don't forget about www.conversationpiece.cc, we got Morgan over there.

(12/5) We take "kinky intern" to a whole other level with Carlin. And Jade's back and better than ever, literally...

(11/28) This week, newbie Ophelia blows us away with her bondage instincts, and Carlin and Denver do crazy hot/cute things with each other.

(11/28) Server changes this week. Our sites will be up to date and back to normal by end of day! Thanks for your patience.

(11/21) Hotness with our assistant's girl, and Isabel returns in "Curiousity Killed The Chastity Cat". Nobody died, just an expression.

(11/14) The Force is strong with this one...

(11/7) Anna should practice not-getting detention.

(10/31) Kristy ups her game big time, despite not really being able to get.. up.

(10/24) Ramona's Achilles' heel, revealed, inside.

(10/17) Ooooh! Love a little sass with my Segufix! Ha, come inside and see.

(10/10) Brand new hottie, Houdini'd...

(10/3) Mary is hooded, taped, and taken to an unknown location...

(9/26) Finally, we got a SYBIAN on the site!

(9/19) Hard to punish a girl like this, but we'll give it a shot...

(9/12) A Saran suspension? Oh yes. Previews.

(9/5) Call her tickle-me-Toki...

(8/29) Got some special motivation for Morgie this week.

(8/22 ) A little spanking surprise, inside...

( 8/15) Soooo many straps and so little time--no, wait, she's got all the time in the world, now...

( 8/8 ) Who's up for a game of switchies? C'mon in, it's fun...

( 8/1 ) Sizzling newbie action, in the previews this week.

( 7/25 ) Bad girls gang up on poooor innocent Molly. Saw this one coming.

( 7/18) Molly chews up Anna, spits her out. Yeah she does.

( 7/11 ) The humiliation of losing, the agony of defeat...

( 7/4 ) Not every school closes for the summer...

( 6/27 ) Read the fine print, before you sign the contract...

( 6/20 ) Call it a going-away surprise...

( 6/13 ) Marisol's first night in the clink is full of surprises--but she's not the only one in lockdown...

( 6/6 ) Mary gets her commupance, and Mia gets in a squabble, in the previews.

( 5/30 ) Schoolgirl? More like schooled-girl. Hah. Come see!

( 5/23 ) Blair's in the air and Sam's in the box. Girls all over the place, in the previews.

( 5/16 ) Fast friends. Fast... results. Jeez, get a room, guys...

( 5/9 ) Say hello to the newbie, quick, before she disappears...

( 5/2 ) Sasha keeps hoping; Carlin keeps you.

( 4/25 ) Ever see those shows where they send the bad kid to real boot camp, and the kid comes back respectful and reformed? ... Awesome, right?

( 4/18 ) Two very different ladies, two oddly familar predicaments. Make it work, girls.

( 4/11 ) Crazysayswhat? Heh. Inside.

(4/4) Another problem model, uh, solved.

(3/28) Samantha is all wrapped up, just for you, in the preview section.

(3/21) From "newbie" to "not" in a minute flat... come see Carly's transformation, inside.

(3/14) So you wanna be a domme? We all have to start at the bottom, sweetie.

(3/7) It's not quite the mile-high club, but... she's up there.

(2/28) She's always been a wild child, so no one worries when she doesn't show up for work... at first...

(2/21) Morgan the Latex Mummy Mistress--yeah, it's worth checking out, in the previews.

(2/14) Ask not what your bondage model can do for you, but what you can do with your bondage model...

(2/7) Elizabeth wants to play a cuffy game with you...

(1/31) Let Naomi go? Not if she has anything to say about it.

(1/24) A powerful vibrator is hard to hold onto-- as friends can be, especially when no one can use their hands.

(1/17) Lilla's here for the weekend, and she wants to have some real fun...

(1/10) Revenge is sweet, but revenge with electricity is... powerful.

(1/3) Wow, Caroline is sooooo excited to be sooooo wrapped up and still. Who knew? :)

(12/27) A little spanking never hurt anybody, right? Just ask Denver.

(12/20) It's Malivu's first time with the Hitachi this week, better come on in to see what happens...

(12/13) It's a tickling, vibing extravaganza this week-- inside.

(12/6) This week we exploit explore that oh-so-special bond between best friends who happen to be roommates.

(11/29) Immobilization. Vibrator. Update.

(11/22) Christina gets hers-- FINALLY! :)

(11/15) Samantha gets the Badufix treatment, and Daisy plays a game of sensory experimentation-- inside!

(11/8) Darren will make you wish she was your first time, too. Or maybe glad that she wasn't...

(11/1) The Tickle Chair claims another unsuspecting bondagette-- inside.

(10/25) Girls just wanna have fun! ...In immobilizing bondage. :)

(10/18) This week, we let their hips and the Hitachis do all the hard work for us.

(10/11) When a cutie misbehaves, we just keep adding straps until she settles down.

(10/4) Julia learns what it means to follow orders-- inside.

(9/27) A little zap here, a tiny shock there... time to get the vibrator, perhaps?

(9/20) This week, Samantha gets a hands-on tickle-vibing lesson.

(9/13) A new hottie gets zipped up, strapped down, and lost in the bondage. Inside.

(9/6) She's got a ball gag fetish, and she loves to show off... inside.

(8/30) Pooooooor little mummy girl just wants to get closer to the vibrator!

(8/23) Just a little escape competition amongst cuffed & shackled friends...

(8/16) Morgan wanted to be the first to try our fancy new vibe-box chair… thingie.

(8/16) Speaking of fancy new thingies, we're letting the models twitter. ...Twitter? Tweet? To tweet. Whatever. We have a studio smartphone and segufix selfies are popping up left and right.

(8/9) This week it's the Tease Box for Mary, and an extra snug layer of tape for Molly. Inside!

(8/2) It's bedtime at the institution, but Daisy can't sleep...

(7/26) Bondage bully girls triple team poor Izzy, and Darren makes a surprise appearance..

(7/19) Girls swinging from the rafters, girls subjected to experimental treatments, and vibrators for everyone. Preview.

(7/12) Office temp is surprised and stretched, on our sister site.

(7/12) You want fireworks? Come inside and check out the newbie, she's got all the kaboom you'll need.

(7/5) We promised Denver we wouldn't tickle her anymore, but we had our fingers crossed. Sorry, Denver! :)

(6/28) Girls operated by remote-control, vibrators for everyone. It's a good week.

(6/21) The patient is totally paralyzed even before the restraints go on.

(6/14) An 18-year-old who can't keep a secret, a 19-y/o who can't keep still. Ah, youth--inside.

(6/7) Embarassment can be a powerful motivator to escape, but motive doesn't get you out, in the preview section.

(5/31) Lives in the big city now, our little (former) Western Mass girl is polished and more experienced than the Gen you remember. She's so sexy it'll make you ache...

(5/24) Micromanaged into medieval bondage in this wayyy kinky office. Heh, you know you've thought about it.

(5/17) Morgan. R-Chair. Unabashed fetish indulgence. Go on, get in there and see!

(5/10) Femdom is best learned from the bottom up.

(5/3) We turn Naomi from a leggy college princess into a quiet little fetish object. Mostly quiet, anyway.

(4/26) Denver takes a turn on top in some phallic bondage games. Don't miss.

(4/19) Sooooooo much bondage on such a tiny model! Gosh, what will we do her for her second visit?

(4/12) A tickle tryout, dommes switching places, and more shiny outfits than any site has a right to display.

(4/5) We make Kitty disappear. In her place: A throbbing, needy, fetishy duct tape object..

(3/29) Hey, is that a heavy-duty double-steel cage padlock in your pocket, or are you just--eh, nevermind.

(3/22) We keep segufixed Skylar quiet the old fashioned way.

(3/15) Holy smokin' hot new girl, Batman! On our sister site this week.

(3/15) You should know the duct tape rules by now, cutie...

(3/8) Your favorite and mine, now with extra bondage! Morgan's our little fetish pet, in the preview section.

(3/1) Pink nylon and "badufix," plus a very wiley new girl, all in one update! My goodness, come inside quick!

(2/22) Irresistable newbie mummy hijinks, just for you. The cutest ones are the ones who don't know how cute they are...

(2/15) Femdom academy midterms are just around the corner! Come inside for a free study guide download.

(2/8) We have the technology, we can make her kinkier, needier, more pantyhose-y. Ahem. Inside.

(2/1) She may have perfected that pout, but Rachel really DOES love chastity... Almost as much as Jamie loves being wrapped in plastic.

(1/25) A new Segufix sweetie for your trading card collection, she's local, too!

(1/18) Her first time in the vibesheathe is unforgettable. We make sure of that...

(1/11) A top-notch "ask permission if you want it" multiple-orgasmy type scene, for her first time on QC.

(1/4) Wrapwrapwrapwrap wrapwrap wrapwrapwrap wrap... no seriously.

(12/28) The bondage position that can get to even the bravest bondagette, plus special Hitachi hijinks! Inside, silly.

(12/21) A newbie so pretty you'll swoon, in a very compromising situation, for as long as you want her.

(12/14) A new bondagette comes in, takes charge, owns Anonymous Catsuit Girl. And you.

(12/7) This week: Ramona gets to be the star of her own Stuck-In-The-Basement show, and Jen gets the bad patient treatment.

(11/30) QC girls take matters into their own hands this week, with Mary coming into her own as a mummy domme and Jamie taking badufix to the baddest place ever.

(11/23) Teeny tiny pipsqueaks giggle their way through power play games. One of 'em ends up stuck, and it's not the newbie...

(11/16) A week full of firsts you won't want to miss, from redheads in the basement to felines in the rafters, seriously...

(11/9) Gentle, charged self-bondage explorations, with escalating results.

(11/2) Good girls can go to jail too, you know.

(10/26) A new perspective on leather, an adorable gang-tickle, and more Hitachi action than you can shake a stick at, all in the previews this week.

(10/19) This is a kindness. All night long, it's a kindness.

(10/12) A sisterly game of strappies; a new girl agrees to let me wrap her up. Gosh I love update day!

(10/5) Spicy squirmy redheaded newbie hotness, inside.

(9/28) The phrase "explosive" is sometimes overused in the bondage industry. But this double-vibe scene is just, well... ka-BOOM.

(9/21) She's getting good with that thing, which is bad for Jen, but great for you.

(9/14) Ah, yes, the elusive strapgasm. Surprising that a model this fresh would have one so quickly, but let's just count our lucky stars we caught it on camera.

(9/7) She used to be such a nice girl. Now look at her. In JAIL. Whatever happened to Mary?

(8/31) We start our weekend houseguest's visit off with a bang, an extended immobilization scene in a lonely corner of the studio.

(8/24) A new girl so pretty and so persuasive, she can use her eyes to escape. Plus, Kitty's wired up and wrapped down, so don't miss this week!

(8/17) Now accepting Electro Camp applications for the 2013 season. Our counselors are the BEST, inside.

(8/10) Lessons in femdom abound, this week in our preview section.

(8/3) Roxanne learns the hard way that you really can't trust any girl ever.

(7/27) A double 18-y/o update, with a surprising amount of BDSM for girls who claim to be friends.

(7/20) An adorable favorite from last year is back, and we've reinforced every strap just for her.


(7/13) It's called the spanking bench, but we could just as easily have called it the orgasmatron.

(7/6) We're thinking of calling this our "Shut Up Your Sister Service," but it works just as well on babysitters and ex-girlfriends, 100% guaranteed, inside.

(6/29) Humiliation seems to push all of nice-girl Jensey's buttons, QC's the only place you'll see that. So what are you waiting for, come in!

(6/22) Overnight bondge and CBT tutorials, this week inside!

(6/15) After months of construction and testing, our new 100% inescapable, unbreakable, inpenetrable plexiglass prison cell is complete. Last step is putting a hottie in for... a while. ;) Come on in and see!

(6/8) Double vibrator scenes! Forced and gentle, sweet and thrilling... don't miss either of them, inside.

(6/1) A tense and exciting scene with Kitty, who gets exactly what she asked for...

(5/25) Been way too long since we had a pair of sisters visit and restrain each other and play vibrator games, yes?

(5/18) Best of friends become best of enemies. Before your very eyes, allegiances, disavowed. Honors, belied! Restraints divide even as they bind. Come in and see what all the fuss is about.

(5/11) In the downstairs dungeon, two very different models experience two very diffent scenes: Schoolgirl and flirt, R-Chair and leather. Come see who does what and how many times. ;)

(5/4) Snug as a bug in a rug. All night long, no escapesies.

(4/27) The intern's tape tutorial went rather well, but Roxanne got a D- for escaping.

(4/20) Just when you thought you knew our routine with mummification... Jensey.

(4/13) Kitty has tons of time in our storage room, which rivals most peoples' dungeons. And is that a plexiglass cell we've got now? Goodness...

(4/6) Two of our best test each other's limits in a suspension scene you don't want to miss.

(3/30) A punky little escapology princess does her best to remain not... distracted... while vibrated during the 2013 escape-offs.

(3/23) But Daddy I want a pony for my QualityControl update!

(3/16) A don't-miss solo show, in the preview section this week.

(3/9) Head bondage on top and foot bondage on bottom, for our tiny little "Girl, Interrupted," over at CYE this week!

(3/9) How to find that sweet spot, for DUMMIES!

(3/2) There's a hottie under all those layers. Listen, you can hear her on the video. Told you so!

(2/23) Ashley reads Carlin's body language loud and clear. ;)

(2/16) This week, we bring you a beautiful, intimate Hitachi scene, framed by quirky, embarassing bondage.

(2/9) Billie's good at this game. Best 2 out of 3?

(2/2) Two of our hottest hotties meet and make friends in the pantyhose aisle, over on ConversationPiece.cc.

(2/2) A real-live bondage barbie doll keeps Ginger occupied for the better part of an afternoon.

(1/26) Josie joins our tickle-climax club, and Blue joins our regular-climax club. C'mon in and see.

(1/19) Sometimes, the sexiest models are the ones that really don't want to be here, in straps, or chastity...

(1/12) A seriously sexy Blue fills out her catsuit in all the right places, and we put our asylum restraints to the test.

(1/5) What is it about redheaded models? Gosh...

(12/29) A teasey newbie tries out our toughest straitjacket, just cause she knows it makes you weak.

(12/22) Star brought her newly 18-y/o sister in on the condition that she gets to tie her up first.

(12/15) Christina endures one of our most intense positions ever, while Jamie just plays with vibrators.

(12/8) Carlin practices femdom bondage for the new site. You might be next. Go see what she can do to you, from across a computer screen, in the preview section.

(11/24) A girl so cute it's ridiculous playing with glue, and two friends making a mockery of what should be a normal escapology session...

(11/24) Sometimes, the ones that look mean, are mean.

(11/17) Ridiculous pair of updates for tickle-fans, this week. Christina breaks in newbie Kendra, while Melissa takes charge during her first two-girl scene. Any takers?

(11/10) We turn a geeky girl into a kinky girl just like that, all for you. Check the previews.

(11/3) Her text read "I am willing to do anything and everything for money." Are you sure, Jade?

(10/27) This week's strict bondage will leave you with your mouth agape.

(10/20) DJ's eyes smolder as she thrashes in a box-straitjacket-legbinder restraint combo.

(10/13) Cynthia's got quite a few sweet spots, as our professional spot-finders, uh, find.

(10/6) A co-ed saw our restraint chair and had a special request. Check the previews to see how we fulfilled it.

(9/29) WARNING: The content you are about to see may be too tickly for certain audiences.

(9/22) It's been too long since Harley's last check-up, so we'll be extra thorough.

(9/15) Imagine a facility where girls are genetically and bionically altered to be perfect, relentless domme-bots. Dream no more, in the preview section...

(9/8) It's over-restrain-the-bombshell week, apparently.

(9/1) People have been asking for a more adult Gen scene for a while. She's finally ready -- are you?

(8/25) It's like all the hot weird girls with secret mummy fetishes find their way to us.

(8/18) Pretty girls who are used to getting their way should avoid straitjackets and Speedos. For clarification, visit the previews.

(8/11) When's the last time you saw a girl this hot tease a girl that ticklish? And all that bondage, to boot...

(8/4) A new girl has an abduction-fantasy request.

(7/28) It's Ashley, and Christina, and a dildo, and shiny black straps. New games in the preview section...

(7/21) We tap into some deep-seated fetishy inklings, this week; from public bondage to having one's face duct taped.

(7/14) Carlin's contracted into an afternoon of catsuits and immobility. Oooh!

(7/7) A toe-tied tickling experiment on three of our most ticklish models. Happy Update Day!

(6/30) Bad girls are just good girls who need a little love. Come inside and see Lexi's bondage attitude make-over.

(6/23) Nicole finally gives someone else an orgasm. Well, not quite--she gets them really, really close, then giggles and pulls away. But you get the idea.

(6/16) Follow Vera's bondage-y journey, as she learns to restrain everyone from the front-desk clerk to the catsuited girl in the basement.

(6/9) We started with finger traps and moved up to a complicated, one-of-a-kind new spanking device. Something for everyone, especially that spoiled princessy girl-next-door, in this week's update.

(6/2) A double redhead tickle-fest on one side of the update, and a Princess Bride homage on the other. Check the previews or you'll be spanked.

(5/26) Every girl at Femdom Academy thinks she's a top, until she's the one in The Chair...

(5/19) Josie's back, and more fetishy than ever. .

(5/12) Wetsuit Girl learns the ins-and-outs of sliding on a PVC straitjacket. No no no -- on another girl, silly...

(5/5) With very minute spent up in the air, her thoughts get fuzzier, she gets farther away from the real world -- till the bzzzz of the vibrator snaps her back to reality with a very tangible feeling.

(4/28) Jenni Czech, fully bonded and insured Tickle Specialist, MD. Actually, it's a little odd that she carries around a degree, but we know better than to ask questions, over on our sister site.

(4/28) And here, femdom abounds, as Jamie takes advantage of Sahara's weakness for plastic wrap.

(4/21) We turn Joni into a bondage monster. A really cute bondage monster. She could hide under my bed anytime...

(4/14) If you're searching for pink duct tape at any of the hardware or craft stores around here... we're sorry.

(4/7) Our new model loves the idea getting paid to have someone kiss her feet. She's a natural at this stuff...
foot worship

(3/31) A genuinely fetishy Sasha comes in with a request for mummification. We are happy to oblige.

(3/24) ... Another week, another piece of unique equipment, custom made and Quality Controlled.

(3/17) ...THE CHAIR.

(3/10) Flip her over, this side's done...

(3/3) Carlin takes to latex, and to the idea of having a submissive pet.

(2/25) No one could resist this dancer girl in her first few 'gentle' scenes. See if you like her any better with a vibrator, heavy gag, and PVC strapping. Crystal

(2/18) Everyone's got a weakness, right Cynthia?

(2/11) Our fetishy little newbie asks to try an extended bondage scene. After the first two hours, she's antsy -- by morning, she's begging.

(2/4) Lucy's our orgasm prisoner, hanging up in the air like a fetish decoration, for the day.

(1/28) Our schoolgirl's first time with a vibrator is a very special experience. Come in, enjoy her every little reaction...

(1/21) If you've ever wondered why, some days, the update is released hours later than usual. See the previews.


(1/21) We made some tweaks on our previous totally awesome straitjacket. Just ask the newbie...

(1/14) Well, let's see. Star's up in the air having like 547 Os, and Christina's teaching Liza how to do "intimate" pantyhose bondage on a boy. All in all, a nice update.

(1/7) Cheerleader segufix... you'd think that'd be an odd combo but there's really a nice harmony between the effervescnet uniform, obviously harkening the mind to simpler times, and the negative capability inherent in every segufix strap.

(12/31) Once a good girl's gone bad, she's gone forever...

(12/24) An old favorite comes back to teach a new favorite how things are done here in QC babysitting class. Or something. Something to do with vibrators and Violet Wands and Leila.

(12/17) Join us at Femdom Academy for Jamie's latest lesson. :)

(12/10) Mikayla's in for a strap-filled night.

(12/3) A ditsy party girl asks for directions; next thing she knows, she's in her kidnapper's dungeon. She's gonna miss the frat party...

(11/26) You won't believe who's the newest, most-ticklish-est model on here. How did we miss that?

(11/19) Our redheaded newbie girl is vibrator- and TENS-unit friendly, and Christina's in a self-bondage situation. Check the previews. :)

(11/12) Denver liked this.

denver in an intense gag

(11/5) Josie and Joni endure a very odd detention with the headmistress: chains, pantyhose gags, spankings.

(10/29) Shackled and straitjacketed and hooded, Piper and her cute new friend head downstairs for some dungeon time.

(10/22) A first-time vibrator scene, complete with latex.

(10/15) Newbie Tracy is a blonde bombshell contained in an itty-bitty catsuit -- and Segufix...

(10/8) You won't find our brand-new, ultra-strappy, all-original straitjacket anywhere else on the 'net. Much to Quinn's dismay.

(10/1) What happens if we put a Christina AND a vibrator in our brand new vacuum cube? OOooohh. Goodness.
vacuum cube

(9/24) Newbie's used to holding poses for a long time -- but six hours is a little ridiculous...

(9/17) Lila's under a bunch of layers, and Summer's underfoot.

(9/10) We let Jamie borrow our Sahara on one condition: she put her away when she was finished using her.

(9/3) Professor Josie tests out her clinic's restraint system. It works quite well. A+.

(9/3) Over on CP, Sahara totally disregards the instruction manual for our heavy-security handcuffs. Ankle cuffs on wrists? Neck cuffs on ankles? At least she uses a vibrator in the right spot...

(8/27) A layer of shiny catsuit, a layer of sheer pantyhose, a layer of zipties. Cynthia's eyes just get bigger and bigger.

(8/20) Our army of cuffs doesn't stand a chance against Mikayla's curves...

(8/13) A night in our secure facility, with a vibrator firmly strapped in place, will hopefully cure Quinn of her little "problem."

(8/6) It's Fear Factor: New Hampshire vs. Massachusetts. Will Ashley's hotness overcome? Or will Christina and her Hitachi win this round? Come inside to see...

(7/30) Darren's always doing such kinky stuff. Like today, for instance... in medical braces, all strapped up, vibrating... golly.

(7/23) Sahara's very, verrrry hot. And not just because she's wearing Charnos Sheer Lustre pantyhose... click the previews.

(7/19) Cara doesn't care who's watching... check the previews.

(7/9) Christina's new helper starts off with a bang -- a straitjacket game that leaves at least one boy helpless...

(7/2) Lila spends a week in the attic, and Cynthia spends her energy in the studio. Check the previews.

(6/25) OOOooooOohhh, what pretty new straitjackets we have.

(6/18) Ms. Charlie, in medical straps from head to toe.

(6/11) A surprising number of orgasms, in the previews this week. Well, not that surprising...

(6/4) With Christina's restraints, and Jenni's tickling expertise, and my new power-nerd glasses, together we can... give you a really nice update. :)

(5/28) Also, Craig doesn't seem to think this is a big deal, but the past four scenes we've released feature four different redheads. If you're anything like me, you'll like that. --Christina

(5/28) We steal time from Cynthia. This one's a beauty.

(5/21) Schoolgirls in very compromising, embarrassing situations. Check the previews.

(5/14) The newbies this week are all keepers. In more ways than one. :)

(5/7) From our driveway to heavy chains, in record time.

(4/30) I traded up in the draft to get Charlie for the day. Her combine numbers are incredible.

(4/23) A closet full of fetish gear, explored all alone with Rox.

(4/16) Jeri's in a box and Rae's in a pillory. Wooden discipline abounds, in the preview section.

(4/9) Say hi to newbie Crystal. She'll wave back later, she can't right now.

(4/2) Strong updates all around, this week. Here, newbie gets thrown into an intense, down-and-dirty bed system just as soon as she signs the release.

(3/26) Nicole vs. the Orgasmatron.

(3/19) Ashley gets schoolgirl-ified, and then taken through the wringer for misbehavin'.

(3/19) Guess who our latest bodycast victim is? CYE.

(3/12) The bondage tickling event of the century. Check the preview, to see Charlie's artwork.

(3/5) Alette willingly and beautifully gives up her internet modeling cherry.

(2/26) What to do with all these newbies? Quick, before our next duct-tape run, buy some Home Depot stock.

(2/19) Immobilized. The word is over-used, seldom acheived. Check the previews.

(2/12) Summer is HORRIBLE to her new bondage friend. It's wonderful.

(2/5) Cathy finds her foot-fetish comfort spot. On the other update, Billie finds her spot's been found.

(1/29) Liz establishes dominance with some wayward catsuited girl.

(1/22) Marie and her amazing body are catsuited up and all strapped in for you.

(1/15) Piper discovers that being vacuum packed is more fun if you're... coffee.

(1/8) We like to cover new girls in fiberglass, so you can barely tell how cute they are. You know, builds the anticipation.

hi cutie
(1/8) A smoking-hot innocent girl, blasted with black duct tape.

(1/1) Black Dahlia makes her bondage clients blue. Meanwhile Darren is a bondage fembot.

(12/25) Check out CP's update, with Christina's brilliant Houdini-ism.

(12/19) A bondage grenade goes off... Darren heroically jumps on it to save the rest of us.

(12/12) What it feels like to be the most restrained you've ever been, then vibrated..

(12/5) Ashley braces herself, and Charlie wonders if she should have stayed on her modeling sabbatical.

(11/28) Femdom academy is in session. Bring a No. 2 pencil, bitch.

(11/21) OMG, twin bondage, check the previews.

(11/14) A curious new co-ed is the latest to be ensnared in our catsuit/segufix combo.

(11/7) An update inspired by that mechanical bull we saw last night at the bar...

(10/31) She flies through the air, with the greatest of... hardship.

(10/24) Darren just opened her own dungeon. No, you're not dreaming -- just our update.

(10/17) It's Can't-Buy-Me-Love Week.

(10/10) We pull out all the stops for Charlie's return. (Yep, you read that right. She's back.)

(10/3) On CYE, we construct one of our best, most encompassing casts yet... Check out Andy, as a piece of furniture.

(10/3) An aerobic hottie, a maid outfit, a million-and-one zip-ties.

(9/26) Finally, mummification vindication for Christina.

(9/19) The intense rigors of bondage summer camp.

(9/12) On CYE, Billie makes the mistake of waking Christina up before noon.

(9/12) Update: In our previews, award-winning design on one side, while the folks at Kinkengineering take credit for the other. :)

(9/5) Ashley suspended and simmering. Simulcast bondage with Amandah and Summah. (Sorry, I was in Boston yesterday. I pahked my cah and then walked.)

(8/29) A delicious week featuring three of our bestest girls, go see the previews...

(8/29) Thanks to Nic's screams of pleasure, all my neighbors found out I'm not "in real estate." Oh well. Check out CYE.

(8/22) It's SEGUFIX APPRECIATION WEEK here at Quality Control!!! C'mon in and celebrate everyone's favorite institutional restraint system. So secure, so strappy... Sophie and Zoe love 'em!!

(8/15)Body braces and 18 y/o's. They go together better than pizza and beer, dude.

(8/8) Jenni Czech will czech the hell out of you, and leave you wanting to be czeched again.

(8/1) Oh also if you like superhot escapey girls, there's a free Gez vid on CYE...

(8/1) Virtuous, or I'll never cheapen her...
Much Ado About Marie.

(7/25) Various lovely little pretzels endure pleasant indignities for your enjoyment.

(7/18) "Yup. That's lot of duct tape, there."

(7/13) Sadie's a dancer girl. We like dancers.

(7/11) Our favorite combo... just go check the preview section.

(7/4) A newbie you have to see. Meet Joey in the preview page.

(7/3) Christina's new restraint services page is up and running. If you're into that sort of thing.

(6/27) This week on CYE:

(6/27) Where once Darren thought we were freaks and said "thank you" for the paycheck and politely moved on, now she is truly filling her role here.

(6/20) Sleepsack roleplays, newbies, and duct tape this week, gentleman. And ladies.

(6/17) Who wants to see Darren casted and vibrated? *raises hand*

(6/13) This week, you can't go wrong around here, CP, CYE, or QC.

(6/6) Get lost in Ashley's PhD. eyes. The Doctor is in.

(5/30) An absolute must-see Payton bodycast, new on CYE.

(5/30) This week: Darren doesn't respect wood, a tickle study, and a Mayflower connection.

(5/23) Isolation, ivy-league newbies, and boobs. Go from six to midnight, courtesy of our preview sections.

(5/16) Ladies and gents, our third website is live. Cast Bondage. Yep, we're weird. Cast Your Enthusiasm.

(5/15) German roleplay, helpless feet, and Charli's back!

(5/9) This batch of two brunette newbies are so fresh, the ink on their bondage releases is still drying. Go see the previews right off, gov'ner.

(5/2) We skip reading newbie Miranda her rights, get her good and stuck as soon as she's in the door.

(4/25) GOOD updates have Darren in them, tying some newbies up. GREAT updates have Darren in them, tying some newbies up, while wearing kitty-ears.

(4/18) A dizzying array of European techniques on display from two traveling bondage prizes.

(4/11) Our inescapable *begin imaginary trumpet* Bondage Sheathe of Doom *conclude imaginary trumpet* and the girls who love them.

(4/4) Darren goes all dark and dommy this week on our sister site.

(4/4) Plus, new girl. New sleep sack.

(3/28) Ikea rejected my pink container idea, so mine is the only one in existence.

(3/21) Houdini boxes, and vibrator suspension this week. Check out the preview section.

(3/14) Newbie Nicole bent double; Darren's favorite.

(3/14) Kinkengineering offers creative, custom-made vacbeds for the price of a standard vacbed, elsewhere. You'll see a thing or two you haven't seen before.

(3/7) Heavily secure suspension and cravaty goodness, this week.

(2/28) Kat and Lilly chastity contest--a not-so-subtle variation on that Seinfeld episode.

(2/21) Gently swaying butts, armbinders, a vibrator in the hands of a giggling Christina.

(2/14) Big budget bondage MAAAAAGIC this week on our sister site.

(2/14) Plus, Ashley and Summer will be your lanky femdom artists for the evening.

(2/7) Christina tilts a book forward and finds a secret room. Does the portrait on the wall have real eyes? No, you're not watching Scooby Doo, just our update...

(1/31) It's best not to get within three steps of... THE BOX.

(1/24) This week, Payton and Veronica channel Houdini for you, and Ellie wishes she could change the channel.

(1/17) Conversation Piece has been Christina-fied with a whole new look, do go ahead and take a gander.

(1/17) Gezebel also has been Christina-fied, and Piper goes and gets Claire'd. Which way do you like your mischief? Update.

(1/10) Come see Darren escape our new Houdini box on our sister site's update!

(1/10) Evil crazy institution girls. Caught on camera. :)

(1/3) One quarter of the material we used to fasten down Kat would have sufficed. And 18y/o Courtney plays with her abduction fantasy.

(12/27) Christina thinks to take on Jaws. She's gonna need a bigger boat. And omg Lola.

(12/20) Darren. I'd like to secede from her union, if you know what I mean.

Plus, how long does something have to be, to be a saga? Katya and Andy.

(12/13) Catsuits, segufix, Amazons and pipsqueaks all in tight outfits.

(12/6) Ashley. This girl's used a thighmaster or two in her day. Kapow!

(11/29) Click the preview section to see if Summer, Peaches, and Lila are as cute as their names.

(11/22) Yvette, Jennifer, Andy. Suspended, suspender, fiddled.

(11/15) 18. Soccer. Braces. Legs like Tina Turner in that video where she has chain mail on...

Plus, Lucy and Cassie go downtown. Do they stop on the east side for croissants? Do they make it most of the way? No, they go all the way downtown.

(11/8) In which unsuspecting girls find themselves in restraints...

(11/1) Check our preview section right away. Ashley will woo you, Deja will vu you.

(10/25) Chastity, lesbians, and homework, in this week's update.

  • (10/25) Check us out on Twitter--model Christina offers updates from the studio.

  • (10/18) DON'T MISS the overnight session on CP this week.

  • (10/18) I spy, with my little eye...
    nothing, cuz there's duct tape on my face...

  • (10/11) Cute newbies in isolation bondage.

  • (10/4) You'll love the videos this week. Check out the preview section...

  • (9/27) Bondage is the only creative medium that is easier to create than to destroy. Neither Ella nor Kat are going anywhere.

  • (9/20) Show the newbies how to work the vacbed, sit back and watch the exclamations. Really, don't miss the CP update this week.

  • (9/20) It's trick-your-model-into-restraints (and watch them squeak) week ... really, check your google calendar ...

  • (9/13) Check out your new favorite girl, in the preview section ...

  • (9/6) Julie's half in the bag, and newbie Lola breaks three of my lenses because they weren't cute-proof...

  • (8/30) Update. And you didn't think we could get any cuter.

  • (8/23) Oh, the joys of stuffing a wide-eyed newbie into a vacbed. Plus, I decide I need a half-caff soy latte in the middle of a shoot with Lucy.

  • (8/16) On CP, Payton is causing havoc everywhere. Guys are walking into telephone poles, people are driving by and running into things... should have put the chastity belt on the INSIDE of her clothes. :).

  • (8/16) I don't feel completely comfortable calling Rosie a newbie, seeing as she took over the room in five minutes ...

  • (8/9) Failing to solve the rubix cube, Gina gets put in one as punishment.

  • (8/2) Newbie Lila gets totally frickin locked up, waiting for Stitch to rescue her.

  • (7/26) Lucy likes to sheathe her friends' bodies, then hang them up by straps. Don't go to her houseparties.

  • (7/19) Jennifer won the cute contest but then everybody tackled and caged her.

  • (7/11) Andy should only be looked at through one of those solar eclipse viewers with the dot in the middle.

  • (7/4) Go see our newbie on CP she'll melt you like butter in the microwave and she loves Harry Potter.

  • (7/4) Lilly takes over a very charismatic update..

  • (6/28) Charli and Claire take very, very different approaches...

  • (6/21) Payton looks gorgeous, Julie and Kaitlyn look mostly confused, and Piper does her thing. As always, check the previews for an, uh... preview.

  • (6/14) Lucy and Jen and Kat make for an adorable, bondage-friendly trio this update.

  • (6/7) Carmen is back in our hands, looking super-hot in our weird new sheathe!

  • (5/30) Piper's little sister (!!!) comes in, not knowing what to expect.

  • (5/23) Noura in Aimee's hands, Leila, unfortunately, in Claire's.

  • (5/17) It's either "Poor Kali," or, "Lucky Kali," depending on your point of view. In the other session, it's unanimous: "Poor Amaya."

  • (5/10) One thing I have truly learned from doing shoots: don't trust the ones that look innocent. Go see our newbie. :)

  • (5/3) Charli and Lucy and Kat this week, and no funny business, either.

  • (4/26) Kat's NEVER doing that again! But Sugar will.

  • (4/19) Julie loses. Payton wins. Click that preview button for the free shots.

  • (4/12) You can't have a vacbed phobia if you don't know what one is. Honestly, Andy.

    And on the other side, Taylor's training for the bitchathlon next month appears to be ahead of schedule. Fun week.

  • (4/4) Security robots, silver catsuits, and a ringer, this week...

  • (3/29) You'll want to go see our TWO newbies over at ConversationPiece. New video teaser there, too.

  • (3/29) We wrangle a trapeze artist to the site. And she wrangles right back. Plus, you try to run nice family website, then girls like Sugar and Gina come around...

  • (3/22) Newbie Spooky isn't so spooky, now...

  • (3/15) This update involves a vacuum, pigtails, and French New Wave cinema. Add a rabbi and you have the makings of a helluva joke.

  • (3/07) Julie is adept at making her fellow model regret her long-term bondage contract. Taylor is adept at escaping chains--but only if "adept" means "sucky".

  • (2/28) A great one this week, go see the previews...

  • (2/22) This update is just like a Shakespeare tragedy--except instead of everybody dying, everybody ends up tied up. Now that's art.

  • (2/14) A juggernaut of a mummy scene with an old friend. Plus, how do you solve a problem like Maria?

  • (2/8) Charli should have a wallet that says "bad-ass." Zoe probably does.

  • (2/1) Andy's our newbie this week. Careful, don't fall in love...

  • (1/24) Taylor is alarmingly cute. Tessa has a fun wrestling match. Anna gets called a cow.

  • (1/18) Sexy Sahara & Luscious Lex.

  • (1/11) Go see what Piper's sister did...

  • (1/4) You'll want to see what's in our new box, at ConversationPiece this week.

  • (1/4) Julie starts up with trickery right away; Anna & Julie are like a bondage Abbott and Costello... except there's no fat one.

  • (12/28) Claire and Leila show off how it's done.

  • (12/21) Girls showing their expertise--one on another girl, one on herself.

  • (12/14) Gina and Sugar are a hit in shiny SJs.

  • (12/06) Finally got a Hooter's girl to do the site, check the preview's for this week's update.

  • (11/29) Piper out-sadistics herself, while Payton learns the ropes from a bad teacher.

  • (11/22) In the preview section, meet Jules.

  • (11/15) Lots of weird stuff this week. Check the previews...

  • (11/9) At ConversationPiece, Paris' pantyhose bondage update is groundbreaking.

  • (11/9) Nobody's feeling good this week: Gina's bed-ridden, and Charli's feeling clammy.

  • (11/2) Piper brings another newbie, and Addie gets wicked scerred...

  • (10/26) An awesome straitjacket update with Sahara & Lex, and a very troubled Anna.

  • (10/19) You'll want to check out our latest newbie in the preview section.

  • (10/12) She's been a big hit on ConversationPiece, now she's here... welcome Payton.

  • (10/4) Trinity, Sahara, and Rei this week.

  • (9/28) Update: Paris and Arafel have enough sexual energy to power a medium-sized city...

  • (9/21) This girl models bondage. A Conversation Piece Preview...

  • (9/21) You have to check the preview section for Kim's escapology scene.

  • (9/14) In this update, Zoe and Brooklyn kick ass--check the previews.

  • (9/7) For Amaya and Erica, sometimes it's hard to get out of bed in the morning.

  • (8/30) Veronica, Piper, and Claire...

  • (8/24) "Smart" bondage over at Conversation Piece...

  • (8/24) Anna's back, and in time-delayed bondage. Lindsey gets ready to switch.

  • (8/17) Pinky out-cutes a button and Charli goes to prison.

  • (8/10) Newbie Kelly and Sahara in separate predicaments.

  • (8/3) Nothing but cuteys this week...

  • (7/27) "Rei" is actually a Latin name, meaning hijinks. And "Kim" is Latin for "cold shower".

    See? Sexy AND educational...

  • (7/20) Piper is not a woman with whom to fuck. Neither is Claire, but we do.

  • (7/13) Wenona, Zoe, and newbie Brooklyn.

  • (7/6) Gina's catsuit, Sinead's toes.

  • (6/29) Check out one of Conversation Piece's best updates...

  • (6/29) Pinky and Jade.

  • (6/22)
    Liz and Claire are in control...

  • (6/15) Sisters.

  • (6/8) See what's new with Rei and Erica in our preview section!

  • (6/1) See the first time Sahara ever gets restrained, and the last time Cherise lets anyone put her in a sleepsack. :)

  • (5/24) Piper signs herself away to us. Anna's too dangerous to hold a pen...

  • (5/17) Kim gets left alone and Zoe is amazing as always.

  • (5/11)
    Newbie Liz will soon be a website fav. Ann gets fused to a chair but still runs her mouth. And check out www.conversationpiece.cc's classic double hogtie, too. :)

  • (5/03) Claire as a mummy and Carmen gets cuffed to a chair.

  • (4/27) Classic Rei and newbie Daisy.

  • (4/20) Sahara segufixed and Sinead shackled. Say that one three times fast.

  • (4/13) Kim is in like the cutest hog-tie ever at Conversation Piece.

  • (4/13) Jade pulls a switch and Veronica pulls at her straight-jacket.

  • (4/6)
    Two of my tiniest girls scrunched up even further.

  • (3/30) Anna in self-bondage, Billie in a mummy suit.

  • (3/23) Two dynamic duos make for a top notch update this week.

  • (3/16) Two great new dolls: Sorority Girl Gwen, Tickle-Me-Isobel...

  • (3/9) In which blond girls are immobilized.

  • (3/2) Claire Adams fans go thisaway to see the diva bondage model being... cute.

  • (3/2)
    Rei in a bit of extended session trickery I would only do to a model I was friends with.

    And Erica probably would have been my friend, until I put her through this week's cool restraint position thingee.

  • (2/26) Check out some great quality metal bondage gear at Bonds of Steel.

  • (2/24) Zoe is really enthusiastic about trying a first with us. (Read as sarcasm.) And an arm for an arm, in Veronica's update.

  • (2/17) Carmen gets 'fixed, and Charlie gets, um, I don't think there's a name for what we do with Charlie...

  • (2/10) Mei straitjacketed, and a challenge for our hot newbie...

  • (2/3)
    Astrid and Anna...

  • (1/27) This week you just need to peek at the preview page. New video teasers on both sites.

  • (1/20) A beauty of a pro domme tries out Conversation Piece modelling. Go and give it a look.

  • (1/20)
    Newbie Jade is WAY more than meets the eye... Wow.

    Yes! Time to ask Pinky in for some more work...

  • (1/12) Jill's working hard for her job interview while Mei just swings around doing nothing...

  • (1/5) A kick-butt update week with Zoe chaired and Ell & Vera chained up & gooey...

  • (12/29)
    Wenona's runaway attempt is foiled!

    Charlie comes up with a worthy reason to stop watching a football game...

  • (12/22)
    Tamara is lookin' tastier than chocolate chip cookie dough.

    Isobel's self-bondage will be a site favorite.

  • (12/16)
    Real self bondage with Billie--real, as in, she's really alone, no camera man or anything around.

    Also, --start playing that scary music from the Halloween movies in your head-- Claire has some ideas how the site should go.

  • (12/9) Hey, you should totally go check out Wenona's AWESOME new work at Conversation Piece.

  • (12/9) When Pinky takes your breathe away, newbie Erica provides reasons to keep breathing...

  • (12/2) More of our special brand of self-bondage, plus more Anna...

  • (11/25) Like Claire's material here? Now you can see her at Conversation Piece.

  • (11/25) The updates this week goes in the 'wow' category. Check the previews...

  • (11/18) For some reason, 18 y/o newbies keep emailing me about shooting. It's horrible. Plus, Bella gets arrested (I don't have to tell you it's not the first time).

  • (11/11) Ann and Gwen stuck in two very different fantasy scenes.

  • (11/3) Who's wearing the tightest outfit this week, Mei or Claire?

  • (10/27) Outstanding update, click the preview page...

  • (10/20) Check ConversationPiece's new free video right now!

  • (10/20) Cleo rocks as an escapist, Lacie can barely rock...

  • (10/13) A '10' in a straitjacket, and a nice lotus position for an 18 y/o cutey named Billie.

  • (10/6) Working with models who are also a little crazy makes for great material. Thanks Pinky, Bella. :)

  • (9/30) An epic update week on both sites, like, we're talking JRR TOLKIEN epic... :)
    see the previews...

  • (9/23) Cassie and Tamara, in really tight.

  • (9/16) ConversationPiece's Anna is a show-stopper: check the previews!

  • (9/16) Bettie up to her neck in mummification, and newbie Jill is a great addition.

  • (9/9) Straitjackets and purple-spandex chair-ties.

  • (9/2) Lacie and Gwen in a couple of fantastic positions. See them in the preview section.

  • (8/26) Update: Zoe and Rei.

  • (8/19) Layer after layer of shiny, immobilizing bondage--straitjackets and mummies this week.

  • (8/12) We continue to raise the bar for self-bondage with Arafel & Charlie, while Pinky wishes very much that she could raise anything.

  • (8/5) ConversationPiece's new preview video is mouth-watering: check it out!

  • (8/5) Two raven-haired lovelies done up too tight.

  • (7/29) Our newbie Mei is a real cutey, and Billie gets the straitjacket treatment...

  • (7/22) What Conversation Piece does with Arafel is kinky, even by our standards...

  • (7/22) Gwen and our kinky new gag, Charlie and our kinky new mummy.

  • (7/15) Submissive expert Cleo, and very innocent Lacie...

  • (7/8) College girls getting way restrained. Check out Vega and newbie Bettie...

  • (7/1) Tamara hogtied, and Pinky in a superb self-bondage.

  • (6/24) Oh my mummy...

  • (6/17) Dangerous update--if JD doesn't steal your heart, then Lilith'll do it.

  • (6/10) Conversation Piece's newbie Tamara will knock your socks off...

  • (6/10) Charlie kicks ass, and Billie can't kick anything...

  • (6/3) Wenona makes a cute glow worm, and Leila is our overnight resident...

  • (5/27) Amy tries out this bondage stuff, and Zoe comes back for more.

  • (5/20) Vera, Rei, and Gwen make for a superlative update--check the preview page...

  • (5/13) Pinky and Candy, tightly tied, vie for your attention. And another nice update on our other site.

  • (5/6) A great newbie in institutional stuff, and a classic escapist set from Jules...

  • (4/28) Alexa and Vega overwhelmed with bondage.

  • (4/22) Heather and Cassie, restrained and wondering they've gotten themselves into...

  • (4/15) Lacie and Lilith as helpless as can be.

  • (4/8) Marvel Girl mummified with kryptonite wrap, and JD controls her own scene from a securely bound position...

  • (4/1) We turn Rei into a kink object, and play mean tricks on Sierra...

  • (3/25) Kinky Raven is beautifully boxed, and Arafel and Zoe have a blast...

  • (3/18) Top-notch updates all over! After checking this preview, check up on our other site for a breathtaking self-bondage update...

  • (3/11) Charlie in yet another fantastic QC mummy wrap, and Rei and Vera just sit around doing nothing.

  • (3/4) Superb escapology with Lacie, and my new assistant gets put in a great position.

  • (2/25) Great week with newbie Heather and classic Cleo. You may enjoy the other site's update, too: www.conversationpiece.cc

  • (2/18) JD in a ridiculous, amazing mummy session and our newest cutey Cassie keeps her seat...

  • (2/11) Wenona in a gorgeous bed tie, Gina and Crystal stored downstairs...

  • (2/4) Seminal lovelies Dresden and Arafel, and introducing Zoe.

  • (1/28) Candy becomes a mummy, and Jules becomes... frustrated.

  • (1/21) A kinky update week: a 3-hour contract bondage with Sierra, and a true self-bondage scene with Cleo--the camera's left on, she's alone...

  • (1/14) Kat is cute and shy, and Aimee could get you to roll over and play fetch if she wanted...

  • (1/7) Mummies and more with lovelies Lacie and Leila...

  • (12/31) JD may be your new favorite QC model, and Vera spends some quality time in bed for you...

  • (12/24) Charlie, Kerri, and an even-more-generous-than-usual video update. And now that the bondage site is updated, off to do family holiday things...

  • (12/17) Steamy restraint situations featuring Corrina and Jeda.

  • (12/10) A claustrophobic mummy, and a strict tie for a newbie...

  • (12/3) Tight ties on Arafel and Vivian...

  • (11/26) A fun update: Wenona straitjacketed, Leila pilloried.

  • (11/19) Lots of latex and leather with Aimee and Kat...

  • (11/11) Great update with Cleo and Jeda.

  • (11/5) Update.

  • (10/29) Lacie is contracted for an hour, Vera learns that the bondage is real...

  • (10/22) Leila mummified, Natasha hog-tied...

  • (10/15) Arafel is clamped down, Kerri is tied in a tight ball.

  • (10/8) Jax and Evilyn...

  • (9/30) One luscious mummy and a pillory scene...

  • (9/24) Update...

  • (9/17) Update: Institutional bondage and extended sessions...

  • (9/10) A strong update this week featuring Cleo and Charlie.

  • (9/3) A great new model, Lacie, is straitjacketed, and Lily is put to bed for the night.

  • (8/26) Corrina does self-bondage, and Lani can't do much of anything...

  • (8/20) Dresden simmers while Jax stews. Or was it the other way around...

  • (8/13) Update: Aimee learns to tie you up. Gina and Crystal learn you can't get out of pillories.

  • (8/5) Fire engine hogties and cool blue mummies...

  • (7/30) Update: Poor girls spend too long in restraints...

  • (7/21) QC imports a pro from NYC, and don't forget Rei...

  • (7/16) A newby and a mummy...

  • (7/9) Raven, Olivia, and Vyolet.

  • (7/1) Voluptuous girls in armbinders and mean chairs.

  • (6/25) Update, check the previews...

  • (6/20) Members: Our archive photos are now (finally) organized by model.

  • (6/18) Jax and Mazie...

  • (6/11) Catsuited escapists and a first-timer in heavy chains.

  • (6/4) Mean restraints on college girls...

  • (5/28) Update: Our webmistress, and also a newbie bound tight.

  • (5/21) Heavy bondage in this week's update with Mia and Vyolet.

  • (5/14) A nice update, check out the previews.

  • (5/7) Catsuited Natasha and newbie Elizabeth.

  • (4/30) Updates are fun! Octavia Rules.

  • (4/23) Update: Newbie Aimee and bad-girl Dresden.

  • (4/16) Shoots have been going very well, and you'll see some great new models in the weeks to come. Check the preview section for a peek at this week's update!

  • (4/9) Update: A bondage how-to with Vega & Vyolet, and catsuit fun with Octavia.

  • (4/2) Two great bondagettes this weekend, tightly wrapped and roped.

  • (3/26) Claudia and Eva this week.

  • (3/19) Update: Two great girls-next-door is tight bondage.

  • (3/12) Update: Check the preview to see our killer new restraint chair...

  • (3/5) Sisters tied side by side, Vyolet beautifully restrained...

  • (2/26) Update: mummies and straitjackets, straitjackets and mummies.

  • (2/19) Another great, generous update from the dedicated folks here at Quality Control.

  • (2/12) Corrina hogited, and Octavia & Rachel back2back..

  • (2/5) Our regular galleries and video update, plus a catsuit and handcuffs set in our bonus section...

  • (1/30) Generous video update this week: mummies, hog-ties, extended stays, and more...

  • (1/22) Strong update week on both sites...

  • (1/15) Jessica & Cleo in this week's update.

  • (1/8) Stella, your webmistress, screwed in, and Ally in a pair of restraint sessions.

  • (1/1) Bondage magic with Rachel, and a wiggling tied duo featuring Vyolet and Rei.

  • (12/25) Catsuits and mummies this week...

  • (12/18) Voluptuous new models, videos that'll make you feel like the pervert you are...

  • (12/11) Check out the preview section to see what we cooked up this week.

  • (12/9) Archived video section has been updated, check it out here.

  • (12/4) Great bondage, with Autumn and Octavia new this week.

  • (11/27) Jessica and Stella, self-bondage and mummification...

  • (11/20) Large video update this week!!!

  • (11/13) Extended bondage, and water--check the previews!!!

  • (11/6) Escapist theater students, extended sessions in this week's must-see update.

  • (10/30) Stella is now working for the site part-time (she's the cutey in the sleepsack on the left). So your love letters will get directly to her.

  • (10/30) Bondage showers, tied trios in this week's update. It's a good time to be a member...

  • (10/23) Dresden and Stella, barely able to even roll around, poor things.

  • (10/17) Another week, another model who's never been tied up before.

  • (10/9) This update is HOT.

  • (10/2) Check the previews to see two top-notch new galleries...

  • (9/25) Large update today, because I was getting behind of releasing video. Enjoy...

  • (9/19) A quick thanks to all the models who shot recently. The material looks amazing, I'm lucky to have the caliber of models that I do--so beautiful, eclectic, and fun. I wish I could have you all in every week.

  • (9/18) A generous update, new models. Join us and be glad you joined a site for a change.

  • (9/11) Hot update with two great girls, including newbie Vyolet.

  • (9/4) Update with Mia and Natasha.

  • (8/28) Great, extra kinky update featuring Ivy and Cleo.

  • (8/21) Update. Check out the preview section.

  • (8/14) Large video update. Do you want real emotion, well crafted and high-rez video? Try us once for only $15.95, and you'll stay.

  • (8/7) Super update, check the previews.

  • (7/31) Update. Natasha, finds herself in foolproof bondage. Stella finds herself in uncomfortable, foolproof bondage

  • (7/24) Update. Newbie Jessica, and Olivia in long term bondage.

  • (7/16) Update. QC favorite Cleo, and Lisa Steel.

  • (7/10) Update. Check out new model IVY.

  • (7/3) Update. Check out new model Jax.

  • (6/26) Update. Lots of video this week.

  • (6/26) Look for more new models in the weeks to come! Also, We are now creating video at a higher resolution than before.

  • (6/19) Update. New friends and old friends get tied up just for you.

  • (6/12) Update. Great mummification and outdoor bondage.

  • (6/5) Update. Distinct plots and great bondage.

  • (6/2) BIG NEWS! Interested in our archived clips? Download them here.

  • (5/29) Just check the preview section, you bondage weirdo, you...

  • (5/22) Nobody escapes again this week.

  • (5/15) A very generous video update, from the friendly folks at Quality Control.

  • (5/8) Update. Mummies and wheelchairs, oh my!

  • (5/1) Update. Our video is more betterer than theirs. Join and find out.

  • (4/24) Lisa in a gorgeous catsuit, Paula in a gorgeous kidnapping, and lots o' video.

  • (4/17) Much requested Rachel is back with amazing video footage. Also, Stray in her first hog-tie.

  • (4/9) In this update we do mean and inescapable bondage to girls who don't deserve it. It's a real stretch for us.

  • (4/3) The theme is kidnapping this week. Check out the previews!

  • (3/27) Beautiful update with hand-cuffs galore.

  • (3/19) Check out the guest gallery from the talented folks over at Shadowplay Imaging!

  • (3/19) Great big update, and check out our new sleep-sack!

  • (3/13) Another in the popular series of extended sessions, this time with Ruby. Unwitting self-bondage with Stella. Tons of video, read about it in the preview section.

  • (3/5) Steamy update. Mummies and hog-tied hotties, oh my!

  • (3/1) Big news! Our long-awaited, much requested DVD site is online. Take a look!! www.qualitycontrolvideo.cc

  • (2/26) Corrina caught shoplifting by a sadistic security guard, and new girl Paula finds out wat she's in for. Large video update this week.

  • (2/20) Lisa and Lilly, helpless for you. Plus, lots of new video as usual.

  • (2/13) Ruby and Eva in this week's update.

  • (2/7) Update.

  • (1/30) A nice update with Corrina, Mia, and lots of our usual quality video.

  • (1/25) Dear Mr. Kotter... sorry the video was late this week. This week's video update is up now.

  • (1/22) The video from this week's update is some of our best yet, which is saying something. Check it out.

  • (1/14) Update.

  • (1/7) The fiction section of our other site, www.conversationpiece.cc, is now online with regular updates. Check it out--it's free.

  • (1/7) Update is early. We haven't done an extended session in a number of weeks. There's a great new one up of Lilly, face down. Also, Mary Jane endures bondage torment.

  • (1/2) Update.

  • (12/25) Update. For the best homemade, inescapable bondage site with a soul, come inside. For Christmas cheer, go somewhere else.

  • (12/18) Update. See preview section for sneak peeks at Alexis, Lola, and our newest model, Ruby.

  • (12/11) Update. Stockades and taunting with Lilly, an ecape challenge with Mia.

  • (12/5) Mummification with Cleo, and a great set of unfairly enforced bondage with Corrina this week. Don't miss!

  • (11/27) Safety First! It has been 345 days since the last workplace escape.

  • (11/20) This week's update features an escape challenge, and some playful bedroom bondage. Well, sorta playful...

  • (11/14) Update of Corrina and Stella.

  • (11/9) Visa processing is available again... finally. Visa processing should also be up on www.ConversationPiece.CC by late tomorrow.

  • (11/6) Update of Mary Jane and Rachel is up. There's a lot of great video coming out this week. See preview section for details.

  • (11/4) Now joins will now be processed through our new biller, CCBill. Visa processing will be made available in a short matter of days. Access for members who subscribed with Ibill will continue uninterrupted. Contact us if you have any questions.

  • (10/27) Updates up, check it out int he preview section!

  • (10/18) New video online. The much-requested MJ mummy set is up, part two of Rush's 8-hour ordeal, and Corrina's experience in the rubber hood.

  • (10/18) Visa processing should be available again in the next few days for both our sites, QC and Conversation Piece. Thank you for your patience.
  • (10/17) Update. New hot stuff of Stella and Corrina.

  • (10/10) Update up, lots of great new stuff inside this week. Don't miss the great videos!

  • (10/1) New video--Rachel and Ally.

  • (9/25) Update is up.

  • (9/19) Update is online. Stella in a hot armbinder set, and Ally in the stockade!

  • (9/16) 3 Clips added to video section.

  • (9/12) Rush is back after a long time away from bondage, and Corrina and Olivia share a detention session together. Plus, great new video this week.

  • (9/5) Two very hot galleries this week: Olivia in stocks & Corrina in the bathtub all wet. Plus video of Olivia, Lin-Z and Kiara!

  • (9/1) Video of Calliope and Mia up. Very hot video of Kiara coming soon!

  • (8/25) New video of Mia and Lin-z is up!

  • (8/21) Killer galleries of Corrina and Kandi this week. Plus tons of new video later!

  • (8/15) Galleries this week of Mia all chained up and Calliope very, very angry. Don't miss the video coming up this week: Lin-z, Alexis and Calliope!

  • (8/11) New video of Lin-z, Lilly and Corrina is is up. Keep watching for video of new model Alexis later this week!

  • (8/3) Video of Lilly in Detention is up! Corrina and Livid's videos are also available today too.

  • (7/31) Update is up a day early! Our newest model, Alex, is nervous to begin with... we don't help the situation! Lilly is back and in Detention. Be sure to check out her video coming later this week! Corrina, Livid and Mary Jane all have video up today too. Enjoy!

  • (7/27) More video of Kiara and Mary Jane is available now!

  • (7/22) Corrina and Livid are determined to escape this week. Catch their galleries and video. Plus more video coming this week of Mary Jane and Kiara!

  • (7/22) Video Mary Jane in Detention is up! But don't forget about Lilly, Rachael and Kiara;all ready for your viewing pleasure!

  • (7/18) Mary Jane and Mia are both in detention this week. Stripped naked and drooling, they beg us to let them go. Plus video Lilly, Rachael, Kiara and Mary Jane this week!

  • (7/11) Super hot gallery and video of Kiara trying out our new mask/gag. Cutie Rachel is back in scenes from her very first bondage shoot. New video of Rachel and Ally are up on our video page now.

  • (7/9) New video of Genevieve struggling to win a bet. Plus more very hot video of Lin-z in Detention!

  • (6/26) Update! Check out the preview section, it's a good one! Check out our new preview clip as well...

  • (6/20) Very sexy galleries this week of Calliope and new model, Rachel. Also a kinky new Bonus Gallery and videos!

  • (6/15) Video of Livid, Calliope and Genevieve this week...Plus a new guest gallery from Roped Girls!

  • (5/23) This week a stunning set with Corrina and cutie Olivia squirming around.

  • (5/15) New hot guest gallery from Anais' Private Bondage!

  • (5/14) Update is up a day early this week. New model, Genevieve! Check her out in the Preview section.

  • (5/9) Update is online. Lilly in a very secure hog-tie, and Kitten tied with zip-ties. Technical difficulties are behind us, and lots of new video material will be released this week.

  • (5/2) This week's update offers fantastic new bondage girl Autumn, severely tied up in latex, plus Carly in another great gallery, wearing fishnets and latex.

  • (4/25) Now introducing higher quality video clips!!

  • (3/31) New for members in our guest section, check out galleries from two other sites, Tied Up Fantasies and Business Girls In Bondage.

  • (3/28) PHOTO CAPTION CONTEST: Add a caption to your favorite Quality Control Photo and send it in to us to post in a special gallery. Our favorite caption gets a free month membership.

  • (3/28) New model this week, Cleo. Check out the preview section for a glimpse of the update. $12.95 membership, $3.95 trial.

  • (3/21) Great update this week. Come in and see Olivia and Blake in gorgeous, sensual bondage. 46 video clips and thousands of pictures in the members section.

  • (2/14) Our long awaited sister site, Conversation Piece, is finally up. Check out the banner below to see the finest in pantyhose bondage.

  • (2/14) Update is online, including lots of new video this week, the return of the popular Ally, and also cute-as-a-button bondage newby Mei Lin. We offer a $3.95 trial, and a 12.95 full month membership to our banner-free members area.

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